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The beaches at Riccione

venerdì, 11 maggio 2012

The beach at Riccione is known and loved by many tourists for its special character and the many services it provides. Families on holiday in Riccione can count on a beach which is both safe and clean and which offers daily organized activities to entertain both adults and children.

Riccione also provides mini-clubs on the beach, with protected areas for younger children and expert personnel to take care of them. The baby sitter service on offer on the beach is also greatly appreciated by parents, who can relax and spend time by the swimming-pools on the sand, enjoying activities such as sport or the wellbeing services on offer. (continua…)

The Amusement parks on the Adriatic Riviera

venerdì, 11 maggio 2012

Family holidays on the Adriatic Riviera are a guaranteed source of entertainment for everyone. The hotels for children provide a wide range of services, including preferential arrangements with the major theme parks on the Adriatic Riviera. Aquafan, Oltremare, Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia, Mirabilandia and the Cattolica Aquarium provide guaranteed excitement and fun, whatever your age. Indeed, these parks: Aquafan, Oltremare, the Cattolica Aquarium and Italia in Miniatura are well-suited to every member of the family. For smaller children, we recommend Fiabilandia, a delightful trip into the world of fairy stories, while Mirabilandia is perfect for all the family. (continua…)

Single parents in Riccione

mercoledì, 28 settembre 2011

In September there’s still time for a last holiday with your child to enjoy all the opportunities available with Riccione Family Hotels. And if you’re a single parent there are no problems. In Riccione you can find a serene and calm environment for you and your child, a fully equipped and safe beach with toys and catering that is always attentive to the needs of our smallest visitors.

Riccione Family Hotels is sensitive to all the needs and necessities of the family and that is why it has designed the special dedicated packages for single parents on holiday with their children. Travelling with children is not easy, especially when you are alone and that is why Riccione Family Hotels offers tailored services dedicated to caring for the serenity of the parent and the wellbeing of the children. (continua…)

September at a Spa Centre!

mercoledì, 21 settembre 2011

therme kinder riccione familienurlaubA seaside holiday at Riccione may also provide a good opportunity for dedicating a little time to the health and wellbeing of your children. The members of the Riccione Family Hotels group collaborate with the “Terme di Riccione” (Riccione Spa Centre) to offer special health provisions for young children. Consult our site to discover all the advantages of a Spa Centre holiday with Riccione Family Hotels. (continua…)

Summertime snacks

giovedì, 15 settembre 2011

servizi bambini riccione hotel familyWith the arrival of the summer heat, it’s normal that appetites drop even in small children, who with the good weather would happily spend all day outside running and playing with friends. So as not to miss even a minute of their precious time playing together, children would even skip lunch and snack-time too! But the season itself helps us out by offering seasonal produce and tasty solutions that can provide a healthy, nutritious treat for our children. (continua…)

The numbers of a healthy growth

lunedì, 6 dicembre 2010

Numbers of a healthy growthAll parents, even those allergic to arithmetic, undertake willingly formulas and charts just to calculate the expected height and to control the growth of their children.
The easiest way to judge whether the growth of a child is within the limits of physiological variability or spill over into the pathological, for a delay or an acceleration, are percentiles charts.
The concept is simple: even though each child has its times and its growth pattern, we can compare him with the average of a large group of healthy children of the same sex, the same race and the same environment, and draw a growth curve noting periodically his measurements.

The transitional object

lunedì, 6 dicembre 2010

Transitional objectDo you remember Linus’ blanket? That became famous with Schultz’s Peanuts? Well, perhaps not even its creator knew, but it was a transitional object.
The term is introduced by the psychoanalyst Winnicott, indicating the tendency of children between four and twelve months, but sometimes in a later age, to become attached to a teddy bear, a rag of cloth, a toy that inspires safety, especially before falling asleep and in moments of separation from the mother at home or during your family holidays in Riccione.
Winnicott also notes that many children, while not revealing attachment to a particular object, show a particular sensitivity to sound or light, acts or habits, which play in some way the same essential function to symbolize the relationship of union with the mother.

Sport for children on holiday

lunedì, 6 dicembre 2010

Sport for children on holidayImportant at all ages, the sport is vital for children.
Here at Riccione Family Hotels we will always stress it and, preferring action at words, always act so that the children’s holiday in Riccione is full of sport, not only of fun.
And which sport is better of swimming for the harmonious development of the body and the growth of children?
The swimming lessons, individual and collective, on the beaches of Riccione Family Hotels are a must for our young guests: while the games in the water with the instructor will approach children to this element, the canonical lessons will make them skilful swimmers.

Sugar and nutrition

giovedì, 2 dicembre 2010

Sugar and nutritionSugar is the most common carbohydrate.
Easily assimilated, it provides energy to cells, heart, brain and all other organs.
Effective antidote to counter the acetone in children, it would also be a natural painkiller, even able to relieve the pain caused by injections.
Food available in nature in fruits, vegetables, cereals and potatoes, it is mainly derived from beet and cane sugar.
But if it has all these virtues, because the trend is moving increasingly into food sugar free?
In a balanced diet, the space for sugar is reduced.

Sun and health

giovedì, 2 dicembre 2010

Sun and healthWho asks “Is it good or bad?“, we say the sun is good in moderation.
Among other things, it keeps the bony capital and stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D, whose anti-inflammatory and anticancer effectiveness is scientifically proven.
The important thing is to avoid overexposure.
If this is true for all, is even more true for children, whose thinner and fragile skin easily risks sunburn.

What are we made of?

martedì, 28 settembre 2010

What are we made of? Yesterday in a Riccione Family Hotels’ mini club a child asked us: “What are we made of?”.
Before we could answer, a discussion between our mascots exploded…
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on”, Asso said, quoting Shakespeare.
“Of the same substance of the universe!” Pepe, aspiring Newton, replied.
In the confusion that followed we have not answered to our little guest… we do it now!
Our body is not unlike from the rest of the matter in the universe. Indeed, the predominant elements in our body are hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.
In our organism all these elements combine to form water, essential for life, and the basic organic compounds: fats, proteins and sugars. (continua…)

Beach sports in Riccione

martedì, 3 agosto 2010

Beach Sport RiccioneBe quiet, they are not affected by the St. Vitus’ dance. If your children can not stand still on the beach of Riccione is because of the great number of sports they can practice!
The baths of the Green Pearl of the Adriatic, in fact, are used to do great things with an eye to small.
Each sports course on the beach provides therefore different levels: competitive, amateur, novice and baby.
So it is not uncommon that among the participants in a lesson there are entire families, with mum, dad and children that are perhaps followed by different instructors, but all facing the same sport. And you can already bet on who will become the best. (continua…)

Children Discounts Hotels in Riccione

martedì, 3 agosto 2010

Réductions pour enfants aux hôtels de Riccione For your holiday at the sea with a tribe of children you can count on Riccione Family Hotels’ discounts for children.
All Inclusive Holiday + Baby Free, “Happy family” discount, “Free to the parks” last minute, are some examples of packages for families with children by Riccione Family Hotels.
Equally unmissable, our discounts for children are also ideal for big families.
In fact we have a lot of discounts based on the age of children, types of rooms and personalized offers, to meet your needs. (continua…)

Celiac Children in Family Hotel

mercoledì, 28 luglio 2010

Celiac children on holiday in Family hotels italyIf many celiac children are ready for vacation, celiac disease unfortunately will not take a break.
Food intolerance linked to malabsorption of gluten by intestinal villus, celiac disease can have unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, anemia, hair loss, weight loss, slow growth.
Celiac people must give up delicious foods like bread, pasta, pizza, cookies…
For the moment, in fact, the only treatment to deal with the consequences of celiac disease is the abolition of the gluten from the diet. (continua…)

Food Allergies and Intolerances

venerdì, 16 luglio 2010

food allergies intolerances baby menu family hotelsGood, maybe very good, food can sometimes cause allergies and intolerances.
In predisposed people, for example, a strawberry is enough to cause swollen lips, stomach cramps, itching, or worse, runny nose, cough, diarrhea…
And this also, indeed especially, in young age.
Breastfeeding appears to provide some protection.
And fortunately, in most cases, food allergies pass off reaching three years of age. (continua…)

Sun erythema – Family Tips on the Beach

venerdì, 16 luglio 2010

asso pepe holiday beach riccione family hotelsAsso and Pepe, Riccione Family Hotels’ funny mascots, are living on their skin what sun erythema is…
Skin reaction due to an exposure to the sun or too long or not sufficiently protected, sun erythema is reddening of the skin, often accompanied by itching, blisters, nausea and fever.
Disorder very common and typical of the delicate skin of children, it usually heals within 5-7 days. (continua…)

Spa for kids

mercoledì, 30 giugno 2010

spa kids riccioneIn the past doctors, in front of the bronchitis of their young patients, just prescribed a syrup.
Today, fortunately, pediatricians are increasingly trying to prevent the typical childhood malaises, and, in situations similar to the previous one,  suggest thermal cures.
Yes because thermal treatments are very effective for treating and preventing respiratory diseases.
Aerosol, direct inhalation, nebulization, are indicated to treat sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis and for the prevention of respiratory allergies.
But there’s more: active ingredients that are contained in thermal waters rise the immune system of children.
And thermal baths are good for easing the problems of another troublesome disease of childhood: atopic dermatitis.
No wonder then if in recent years, spas are more and more a destination for families with children. (continua…)

Eating on the beach – Family Holidays Riccione

venerdì, 25 giugno 2010

consigli su cosa mangiare in spiaggiaAsso and Pepe, funny mascots of Riccione Family Hotels, have some advices on what is better to eat on the beach.

A: Get ready for a day at the sea with a healthy breakfast: fruit juice and toast with jam are perfect before a dip in the water!
P: Mid-morning satisfy your hunger with a plum or a nectarine. (continua…)