Riccione Halloween Party

The Celts have never crossed the Rubicon, but their magic treat has won Riccione.
Not only Riccione in truth, judging by the success that Halloween is having in Italy.
Ancient pagan rite, of which today is only preserved the custom of wearing terrifying masks, sees many ghosts, witches, vampires, bats and little devils, wandering at the flickering light of a candle in a pumpkin on the eve of All Saints.
For the shudders of adults and children, our hotels invite you to the special holiday Halloween Riccione.
A full programme of games and initiatives, and a choice of packages 2, 3 or 4 nights, to face, all together courageously, the darkest weekend of 2008.
If the climax of the celebrations is scheduled for Friday October 31, with Halloween Riccione our children will sure have fun and fear also during the preparations for the feast.
The most delicious snacks, the very good menus, the showing of thriller film, the spells of the crazy fashion-house, the frightful stories and group games, will rather heat the atmosphere.
Then with the arrival of the night the skeletons from the cupboards, the ghosts along the dark corridors, the suddenly illuminated pumpkins, some witches and wizards who are leaders while we do not see our animators… the party will explode in dances, screams, joy.
The fun continues Saturday November 1 with the masked parades in the amusement parks of the Riviera and with the trips towards the hinterland to discover, perhaps in night visit, the castles that rise there with their mysteries and legends.
And after so many exacting dives to the heart it will be still nicer cuddling in the comfortable and spacious rooms where you can stay with the brave kid at your caress.
The “do not disturb” remains available to people who do not want to participate in the festivities.
But who can resist the call of “Trick or treat”?
Terrifying, in black or orange, we are waiting for you with Halloween Riccione!

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