Baby Facilities in Riccione Family Hotel

Ready and light!
It will be because the hotel we have chosen has an impressive list of baby services, but it seems impossible to me to leave so light…
Yet everything is ready.
To be sure, I want to check once again.
We have not to load up the pushchair and the cradle for Lucy: the hotel have them at our disposal.
We will find in the room the bottle warmer, the napkins basket, the changing table and the little bath.
I have been assured that there will be also a nightlight.
And so with the baby we are quiet.
For Mathew it will be possible to take all the books he will want from the library and also to see the cartoons of the video library.
In the game room, in the protected garden, and even on the beach in the dedicated area, he will find a lot of toys, that are according to law and suitable for his age.
We have decided to bring the two inseparable teddy bears, but buckets, spades, marbles and moulds remain at home.
We do not need the beauty case of the medicaments because the hotel has a pharmacy locker.
I have also been said that if necessary (we hope not!) a pediatrician can be contacted.
The sun creams are in my bag, instead we will find the hairdryer in the bathroom of the hotel, with also the courtesy service.
To go round the city the bikes of the hotel, with the child’s chair, can be used, so that Andrew avoids loading his.
It seems to me that everithing is ready, yes, and that we all are happy to leave for a family holiday.
And if Andrew and I, we are happy to have chosen the holiday that has an arrangement with Riccione Terme, Matthew is even happier for the agreements with the amusement parks of the city.
My little Lucy instead will enjoy her first time on the beach!
Today, Matthew has made me laugh because, like a real gourmet, has said that once arrived in Riccione he will want to taste immediately the piadina!
I have been assured that the kitchen has super flexible hours and that in the good and healthy menu there are a lot of local specialities.
So maybe, meeting his wishes, we will copy him…
I am going to sleep now, me too, because tomorrow the mascots of Riccione Family Hotels are waiting for us around midday.
They will see us happy and light!

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