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vacanze al mare riccione family hotelsRiccione, the beach, the sun… but also the kids, strollers, bottles, food… so, the so wanted relax might look like a long long dream.

A long experience, high quality standards of the infrastructures and the DNA of people of Romagna led some hotels in Riccione melt into a Consortium: the Riccione Family Hotels.

As you can understand by the name, these hotels pay their attention, most of all, to families on vacation, well knowing their needs and their problems.

Who has no children, maybe, cannot understand how difficult the organization of a trip with kids could ever be, as well as enjoying the same… so, the Family Hotels, arranging for rising up their guests mood, ensuring maximum seriousness and maximum relax!

No, it is not a contradiction!

First of all, in fact, here it is the Family Tutor: wherever new-parents with no experience, or those who just need a break wanted to, this shaape would be ready to work in his best possible way to be a counselor, to help or just to entertain all the children.

The Family tutor is a little bit a babysitter, a friend, a uncle and much more…

Supported by optimal structures and behind great competence, the tutor resembles a guardian angel,whose goal is watching on families, not to interfere with them!

So just a lot of love, comprehension, motivation (playing, but also for education) for your sons and… as a grandmother used to say, once…. one cannot be jalous for the love that his children get: one should just be happy and proud about it.

And, we hope, favoured!

Indeed the Riccione Family Hotels’ efford is right for you, mommies and daddies… so you can deserve your rest and a lot of cuddles without worring!

Well organisez hotels, with many comforts; qualified personnel; a wonderfull, amusing town; the beach; lifeguards… a dream vacation!

So… what are you waiting for…?!


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