Children at sea for marine aerosols

mare-riccioneBringing children to the sea is an ancient practice suggested by common sense.
Summer campus, sunbath, photos with beautiful children in row on the beach, unershirt and shorts, images of other times from an Italy in black and white.
Some methods were perhaps questionable, but the principles are still right and healthy, because sun and sea for several reasons are still good, especially during a delicate age as the growth of the organism.
Today many scientific studies underline the importance of the sea for the health of everyone, at all ages, but especially during childhood.

Certainly it is no longer the sea of the past, we will say, and even the sun, but taking the necessary precautions, such as avoiding the midday and equip a good protective cream, children should be taken to sea because they need this climatic environment.
Among the many benefits of the sea, it is due remembering the importance of the “marine aerosol”.
The marine aerosol is nothing but an invisible cloud of millions of water particles suspended in the air containing salts and ions subtracted to sea by the action of wind and waves.
With salt iodine, calcium and sodium chloride from this natural aerosols, marine aerosol exercises a healthy respiratory aid and a purifying action.
It’s clear the importance of this particular treatment, natural and free, which children are exposed while playing on the beach totally unaware their airways are subject to the beneficial action of the marine aerosol.
Bringing children into the sea reinforces their ability to resist viral attacks during the autumn and winter, when they often get cough and cold. Breath in beneficial substances under the sunbeam with feet into the water.
Who would not follow such a therapy?
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