Spa for kids

spa kids riccioneIn the past doctors, in front of the bronchitis of their young patients, just prescribed a syrup.
Today, fortunately, pediatricians are increasingly trying to prevent the typical childhood malaises, and, in situations similar to the previous one,  suggest thermal cures.
Yes because thermal treatments are very effective for treating and preventing respiratory diseases.
Aerosol, direct inhalation, nebulization, are indicated to treat sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis and for the prevention of respiratory allergies.
But there’s more: active ingredients that are contained in thermal waters rise the immune system of children.
And thermal baths are good for easing the problems of another troublesome disease of childhood: atopic dermatitis.
No wonder then if in recent years, spas are more and more a destination for families with children.In Riccione we know well about it: the spa Riccione Terme is loved by children and adults.
To promote health and wellbeing of children, we of Riccione Family Hotels propose conventions, special reductions, and free transport to Riccione Terme.
For a beneficial, relaxing and also funny holiday, choose Riccione Terme and Riccione Family Hotels.
To win together, with or without syrup, the typical childhood malaises.


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