Games on the beach

castelli di sabbia riccione If, instead of asking children “what is your favourite game?”, we would ask them “what is your favourite place to play”, the most frequent answer would be “the beach”.
On the seaside, caressed by a gentle and beneficial breeze, we can at all ages have fun by playing.

Especially if the seaside resort chosen for the holiday has a coastline of fine sand like that of the Adriatic.
Spade and bucket in hand, the baby can then become the architect and the builder of magnificent castles of sand.

Those in classic style have a moat along the entire perimeter, are beveled by merlons and decorated with shells. Those in Sagrada familia style have spires obtained with sand and water that are let fall with an hourglass effect.

At completed work, the castle may become a route for races with marbles or with little models of car.
Let us remember taking first the picture…

More suitable for socializing is the “tower of sand”: raised a mountain and put a stick on the top, participants in turn deprive with a finger part of the slopes trying not to drop the flag.

Great fun is assured by “let’s abandon ship” with, at the starting signal, the escape to the circles-lifeboats that, little problem, may only contain  three castaways…
A lot of games on the beach require an outside arbitrator that, in a bounded area, hides many small objects, and the use of a bandage on the eyes of participants who, in turn, collect sand in the bucket with the spade or, to complicate things, can dig and collect only with their feet… Who will do the richest booty?

And who will be the winner in minigolf, that can be prepared with holes in the sand?
Refreshing award: snack with ice lollipop for all the people!

In hotels of our circuit a beach, thought for children fun in safety, is available to families and, thanks to the staff of animation that leads games, is the ideal place for the enjoyment of the smallest. And if games will become contagious…

On the beach of Riccione Family Hotels there is place for the fun of the whole family!

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