Adventure Parks Family Holidays Riccione

A family holiday in Riccione is a great occasion in order to organize an escape in a adventure park. There, you can live a fantastic experience of sport and fun. An adventure park is a new theme park, plunged in the nature, where to measure yourselves with your own ability, physical strength and courage.
The adventure parks offers an adventure both to adults and children. There you can walk suspended among the trees, on suspension bridges, in a not artificial scenery but into natural woods, with its rhythms and its seasons changes.
The itineraries have various level, in order to satisfy both adults and children entertainment in safe.
There is no age limits, but height ones in order to approach the paths dedicated to the children, or those for adults.
The adventure parks are often situated into Natural Parks and it is also possible to do excursions and education laboratories about the flora and the fauna and its respect.
They offer ecofriendly entertainment: you can amuse and you do not pollute.
Is very easy to organize an excursion in an adventure park: you just need comfortable cloth, sportswear and gymnastics or trekking shoes. All the equipment you need to be safe is supplied by the park staff.
The ticket includes:

  • briefing with the instructor;
  • certified equipment (harness, longe and shackles, pulley, helmet);
  • instructors assistance along the path.

To plan a family holiday in a family hotel of the group Riccione Family Hotels is now easier thanks to the booking on line.
You can check prices, availability, offers and last minute about every family hotel.
In every family hotel you find available information about the adventure parks, amusement parks and the events in Riccione and its hinterland…over all family facilities and services dedicated to the requirements of the families with children on holidays in Riccione.

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