Fiabilandia the amusement park for children!

fiabilandia.jpgOnce upon a time, near Rimini, there was a lake: the Bernardo lake, a forme quarry filled by water, still hosting tons of beautiful birds, either migratory or not,and some time later, around the same Magic Mirror water, was born the first Italian amusement Park for children!

Since 1965 Fiabilandia, born as small concentrated of various kinds of entertainment, has been developing, becoming soon a well equipped park, which has been making kids dreaming, having fun, giving warm emotions to many fans, year after year!

Once I did have been a “victim” too, dreaming e staring at the oldest italian amusement park, which is also contemporary and modern.
It does make sense: Fiabilandia keeps renewing itself, fitting kids changing tastes; so, if once one could see, laying on the ground, the huge, real King Kong (the same of the movie from the 70s, which scared me to death!), it is now possible to play and interact with many newer characters.

There are four Thematic areas: from the Middle Age to the Far West, but also water games, a carousel e much more that cannot simply described in an article, because it would not give you the magic impression of personal trying!

As an usual tradition of people in Rimini, they are well organized to accomodate tourists in the best way possible: agreements between Hotelkeepers and the Park; Family Vacations offers and all-inclusive packets but also, with particoular attention, accessibles areas for invalid people.

Everything is tought for children: in fact they are the main beneficiaries of such business, so they are the ones the organizers pay more attention to, ready to satisfy every need; kids are, for sure, the most demanding customers!
However, the Park has still been enjoyning an excellent fame for more than 40 years: fame given by the love and estimation of his young friends… so true that could just be the best commercial ever!

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