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Swimming lessons at the sea

giovedì, 2 dicembre 2010

Swimming lessons at the seaRiccione Family Hotels’ young guests who can not swim have at thir disposal armrests and life buoys. But not only: in our beaches very useful swimming lessons are also available!
Led by some experienced instructors, the swimming courses organized by Riccione Family Hotels are very appreciated by adults. Who perfectly know what swimming is important for the harmonious development of bone structure.


International Swimming Master Meeting Riccione

lunedì, 1 dicembre 2008

Officially closed the entries for the 5th International Swimming Master Meeting “Città di Riccione”, the swimmers that are expected on Sunday 7 and on Monday 8 December at the “Stadio del Nuoto” di Riccione are over a thousand.
Men and women aged 25 years onwards, FIN enrolled (Italian Swimming Federation), split by age five in five years, engaged in two among all the specialties of the Olympic program (excluding 1500 m), are ready for the thrill of competition.
Unique opportunity for young people who, even if at the first strokes, want to experience the thrill of racing along with professionals and former athletes, and for older people who have still a good physical form and the desire to challenge, the two days of the Swimming Master Meeting  have accustomed us to great performances. (continua…)