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Summer holidays: What should I pack for the children?

The day of departure is approaching. Do you still need to pack the cases, and are you worried you might have forgotten something for the children? Before you leave it is always a good idea to make a list of essentials to take with you.

If you have decided to go to the seaside, your suitcase should contain a selection of clothes for the kids, such as tights, pants, cotton vests and T-shirts, cotton socks, light trousers or dresses, cotton shorts, light pyjamas, and a sweater or hooded top for the evening.


On holiday with Fido

E’ tempo di organizzare le prossime vacanze estive. Ma c’è una novità. Da quest’anno non siete più in tre, bensì in 4. Un nuovo pargolo? No, alla famiglia si è aggiunto un cucciolo a 4 zampe!

Hai scelto l’albergo giusto per la tua famiglia e per il tuo nuovo amico. Hai organizzato tutto nei minimi dettagli per i tuoi bambini. Ma adesso cosa metti in valigia per il tuo Fido?

Ecco qualche consiglio su ciò che occorre portare e su come comportarti quando viaggi in auto con il tuo amico a quattro zampe.


Traveling with mom and dad: what should never be missing

Siete pronti a partire per le vostre tanto attese vacanze estive assieme ai vostri bambini. Ma cosa è bene portare per loro durante il viaggio affinchè le ore che trascorrete in auto o in aereo passino nel miglior modo possibile?

Se partite in macchina, viaggiate sempre in estate con tendine parasole, così da proteggere il più possibile i vostri bimbi dal sole e attenuare la sensazione di calore all’interno dell’abitacolo.


Children’s nutrition in summer

Nutrition in summer is a fundamental element for the well-being and the health of your child. As it is necessary to pay much attention to the solar protection of your son, it is also important to follow a correct nutrition also when you are on holiday.

In summer it is very important to drink often and to hydrate the skin of your child. Water is always the best drink, but also low-sugar fruit-juices are good.


Sea Holidays: how to protect your children’s skin from the sun

Sea Holidays. Wish to dive, to relax, to play open air games and above all to get a tan, wich enhance our  healty appearance! But are we sure to protect our children in the right way?

In summer, in fact, here we are again with a delicate issue for mothers with children: how to protect their children’s skin from sunbeams. This is certainly a problem wich interests all, also the adult ones. But children are without any doubt more exposed to sunbeams: their skin is more delicate because it produces less melanin than the adult’s one, that’s why it needs a greater protection and attention.

Now let’s clear up a thing: the sun is good for children. Sunbeams increase the production of vitamin D, stimulating the metabolism and strengthing the immune system. That’s why you don’t have to avoid the sun, but simply have to avoid that it becomes harmful.

Here, then, some simple rules to follow when you spend a sunny day with your children at the beach, rather than at the park.

Breast-fed and little children till the first year of life have to be protected from the sun in the best possible way. Better to carry them at the beach soon in the morning or at the sunset.

It’s also necessary to choose a solar cream with the right protecting filter. You can find several brands with different protection factors (SPF) in commerce. With children, above all the most little ones, that’s better to use SPF 30 and 50 creams.