Mums’ Meeting

Mom’s Meeting in Riccione is an unfailing appointment for all mothers, expectant mothers who want to  confront each other with experts about women issues, and also mothers with their children!

A week of debates, meetings and appointments at the Riccione Tourism Building from 28 june to 3 july 2010.

Mom’s Meeting is also an occasion for mothers to watch their children on parade!
Yes, beacause on the 30 june 2010 there will be the children casting for children aged from 0 to 14 years at the Riccione Tourism Building. Children selected will take part to two wonderfull fashion parades and photo sessions held in Riccione during the event’s period.

You can register your child to the Free casting, or the Vip Casting, wich allow the publication of your child’s photos on the Casting Moda Bimbi Magazine (on payment registration). Registrations are still open and have to be completed within friday 25 June 2010 by sending an email to

If you are a mother and you want to be protagonist with your children, than participate to the Mom’s casting of held in Riccione on Friday 2 july 2010 by sending an email to

You’ll be on parade with your children and will be  elected the most beautiful mom of

Are you an expectant mother? Well, you can be elected Miss in Dolce Attesa (Miss Expectant Mom), if you pirtecipate to the casting of expectant mothers, held in Riccione on Friday 2 july. Also in this case you only have to send an email to