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Single parent special offer

Single parents’ holidays? Riccione Family Hotels has the right solution for you!

Spend a vacation with your child and you will be sure to find the right hotel for your need. You entrusted to our Riccione Family Hotels!
Safety, security, leisure and relax are our watchwords. On holiday single parents like you, can count on attention to detail, efficient service, courtesy and privacy.

If you're a mom who must used to think of everything, on holiday you can finally reconcile your personal distractions with the fun of your children! Our single moms’ holidays are an occasion to share free time with their children, without quit the pleasure to enjoy their space.
If you're a dad who want take time with your children, but also have a few hours for sports, fitness, leisure while your children enjoy quiet under the supervision of our expert entertainer.

Riccione Family Hotels is just what you're looking for!
Our rooms are designed for the enjoyment and safety of your children and your complete relax.
Our staff will always give attention to you and your children for a quiet and relaxing holiday.
Our personalized services for children respond to your needs and simplify your vacation.
In the room, in public areas, restaurant, on the beach, you always have people who think to you and your children.

Then you're in Riccione, the city suitable for children! The beach is equipped with fenced play areas and guarantee the presence of our expert entertainers, cycle paths, events for children and adults in the Green Pearl of the Adriatic Coast.

Come and discover the Riccione Family Hotels’ holidays for singles parent with children!