Peg Perego supporting young Riccione Family Hotels guests for over 10 years

Never change a winning team: Riccione Family Hotels and Peg Perego have been working together for over 10 years to meet the needs of mums on holiday in our hotels!

This summer, guests will be able to use the Si stroller, the most compact model in the Peg Perego range, or the Booklet model, the perfect companion for any activity outside the home, enjoying pleasant walks with the whole family.

At the restaurant, on the other hand, comfortable lunches with Rialto, the adjustable booster seat offering 5 different positions and suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years.


Lola, the adorable cow featured on Pici products is ready to greet Riccione Family Hotels guests!

Another 100% Made in Italy company has chosen our hotels to meet families on holiday.

Picci produces articles and accessories designed to add a romantic flair to your baby’s room: cradles and cribs, changing tables, sheets and covers, towels and much more, using top quality materials such as 100% cotton, hypoallergenic padding and non-toxic paint.

“… because supporting your baby’s health is the first criterion for satisfying our customers!”


Essential oils in the family room with Okbaby!

Okbaby offers 100% Italian production using only the highest quality materials.

With safe products that conform to applicable European standards, Okbaby produces bath and hygiene equipment, leisure products and safety equipment for indoor and outdoor use.

The friendly Aroma Blue penguin, an imaginative ultrasonic aroma diffuser, is waiting in the Riccione Family Hotels family room.


Good morning with Hero in the Riccione Family Hotels!

This year, the buffet breakfast offered by our hotels will have a special guest: Hero, with its strawberry, apricot and berries jams.

The renowned company operates in the jams, cereal bars and fruit juices sector, with a diverse range of products, including classic and low sugar options, sure to satisfy the most specific market needs.


Groksì!: A healthy snack that kids love!

A unique, genuine and tasty snack, gluten-free and lactose-free, with a high nutritional value.

A healthy snack for children: Groksì! does not contain any sugar and is rich in protein and calcium, the first contributing to the growth of muscles and tissues, the second essential for bone and tooth development.


Delectable holidays with Chupa Chups!

The world’s most famous lollipop waiting to delight Riccione Family Hotels guests!

Summer 2016: Flora ready to take care of you again

Flora is renewing its collaboration with the Riccione Family Hotels: the Italian company, which has been writing the history of Italian herbalist traditions for over 25 years, produces organic and 100% Made in Italy personal care and hygiene products for the whole family, with great commitment and passion.

From facial and body cleansers, to personal care products for your children, plant extracts, infusions, air fresheners and cleaning products for your 4-legged friend.


Stop mosquito bites with Brand Italia!

Children protected from mosquito bites thanks to the colourful bracelet from Brand Italia that repels mosquitoes, a product safe for children and for the environment.

The company, with over 20 years of experience, offers innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of the whole family.


With Worldcart, the Jungle Book awaits Riccione Family Hotels guests!

For you and your family, choose the softness and the cheerfulness of products carrying the Worldcart name. The Italian company is specialised in the production of napkins, tissues, absorbent towels and toilet paper and has launched a line of paper tissues for babies featuring cute characters from the cartoon world, including Minnie, Cars, Frozen, Masha & The Bear and many more.