Lapland? No, it’s Riccione at Christmas-time!

You’re accustomed to the wide beaches, walks along the elegant promenade, shopping in the unmissable streets of fashion, aperitifs during the cool summer evenings and the must-have ice-cream, which Riccione arguably does better than anyone else!

But maybe you’ve not seen Riccione at Christmas-time?

It could almost be a village in Lapland such are its decorations, colours and magical atmosphere. You feel you can breathe it all in with the pure, dry air scented with pine trees and firs.
We’re talking about the Riccione Christmas Village, held in Viale Ceccarini at the heart of the town from 21 November on the run-up to Christmas. Not to be missed are the skiing rink, the longest in Europe, the house of Father Christmas, and the many shows and attractions for all the family.
Also heralding the New Year are great concerts, events and film screenings under the stars!

What are you waiting for: treat your children to the thrill of living a fairy tale!
Our family hotels await you with countless new things and special offers for Christmas and the New Year.

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