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Would you like to know what's special about Riccione Family Hotels? Come and find out!   This really is where children's dreams come true: where adults can go back to childhood and children wish they could be young forever!
At Riccione Family Hotels, you are really pampered and given every attention, with lots of fun activities and places to play outside and on the beach: everything is tailor-made for youngsters...

Why not book your holiday now at one of our family hotels? You can look forward to beautiful seas, with wide, fully-equipped beaches, great water games, and mini-clubs on the sand with our friendly activity leaders. Then there are the amusement parks on the Romagna Riviera, with an exciting calendar of events to please both young and old.
Riccione is all this and much more. It's a town designed for family pleasure, where you can go out on cycle rides, sample Romagna cooking, go shopping along its famous streets or enjoy the lively folk festivals which take place every year on the Romagna Riviera.
You don't need to travel far to explore the fascinating mediaeval villages in the surrounding countryside: the territory of the historic Dukes of Malatesta and of the famous Montefeltro family. This is a landscape rich in history and tradition, sure to fascinate both adults and children.

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