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Who we are

Hotels specialized in tailor-made hospitality for families with children and a lot of  child-friendly services.

We are a group of 3 and 4 star hotels at Riccione that have specialised over the past 19 years in hospitality tailored to families with children.
Those of us who belong to the Riccione Family Hotels group wish to offer precisely what we would like on holiday: quality facilities, professionalism, high standard services for children, and a good, safe place to stay where everything is readily at hand. 

Each year leading companies who specialise in products for children, like Mulino Bianco, Peg Perego, Worldcart, Flora, Pierpaoli and Bellelli, choose to work with us for the very reason that we promise a high level of efficiency and reliability.
Our guests can make use of their quality products every day during their stay.
These range from the snacks of Mulino Bianco to the pushchairs of Peg Perego and the organic personal hygiene products of Flora and Pierpaoli, and from the lively paper handkerchiefs of Worldcart to the child seats for bicycles by Bellelli.
With these, we wish to guarantee that you enjoy your holiday in absolute comfort and with complete peace of mind.

You can always be sure to trust Riccione Family Hotels!


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