We know all too well that a seaside holiday with children is only fun and relaxing if it is for them as well. Just as we know that a family hotel can offer all of the services you want, but you’ll always give priority to the children’s entertainment and the miniclub.

And seeing that we are 100% family-friendly, we’ve decided to offer unbeatable children’s entertainment that’s super organised and super fun.

Entertainment that engages your children FROM MORNING TO EVENING and has a playful, creative and educational programme, organised by expert and competent staff.

So you can choose whether to accompany them during playtime or leave them in the capable hands of the childcare staff and finally enjoy a bit of relaxation, with whoever you want!

This is the GREAT ADDED VALUE that you won’t find at any other hotel that claims to be family-friendly.    

This is how your children will experience the magic of their family holiday:

Good morning!
Is everyone awake? Good, let’s go down to breakfast! There’s something for everyone: from fruit tart to delicious bread with Nutella; from warm croissants to yoghurt with cereal, or melba toast with fresh fruit jam, hot or cold milk, fruit juices, theine-free tea…

Everybody down to the beach
Everybody down to the beach with our team of childcare staff! While you parents relax under an umbrella, the children are formed into small groups and the activities are chosen together with the staff. Some want to build sandcastles at the water’s edge, others make things out of play dough, clay or wood in the creative labs under the gazebo. There might be a little group playing Capture the Flag or organising a game of beach volleyball. Is there time for a taking a dip together? Of course! Or otherwise there’s a fabulous boat trip with the childcare staff!

Hurray for mealtimes
After all that playing we’re hungry; in fact it’s lunchtime!
Our staff will take your children to the dedicated dining room, which features colouring placemats, baby menus and cutlery, and will accompany them throughout the meal. There’s a delicious baby menu for the kids, with healthy and simple ingredients and lots of cheerfulness, because mealtimes are also a time of creativity and discovery!

Back to the beach
In the afternoon the beach calls! There are still so many things to do with our childcare staff! The fun treasure hunt between the umbrellas, baby dancing on the beach, mini beach volleyball and the pool tournaments, miming and creative labs with colours, paper and shells.

It’s snack time!
Children need a lot of nourishment in order to grow healthy and strong! That’s why every day we organise a tasty and light snack on the beach or at the hotel, with fresh fruit, fruit juices, homemade cakes or surprise Nutella parties!

Everyone in the pool!
If you prefer to relax and sunbathe near the pool during the afternoon, or if your children feel like going back to the beach, the entertainment continues there as well. Our staff will entertain your children with swimming races, aquatic games and ball games. Rest assured, all of the games are safe and overseen by expert personnel.

Everyone at dinner
And after a shower, there’s dinner in the hotel. Once again, your children will be able to share a smile and good times in the dedicated dining room, enjoying their baby menu and the happy feeling of being free and autonomous. These are also important moments in your children’s growth!

Bedtime is still a while away!
At least on holiday, schedules can be a bit more flexible, can’t they? So after dinner there’s still a bit more time for some fun, with the baby dance party, face painting, pyjama party, theme parties, the fantastic, jaw-dropping little theatre. In short, the watchword is: creativity, learning and lots of joy!

And when bedtime comes, shhhhh silence!
Soft lighting, the aroma of herbal tea or warm milk and biscuits and a bedtime story told by one of our childcare staff, is just what’s needed to nod off.
And tomorrow it all starts again!!

Here’s what you can do at our 20 hotels:

The little magic theatre, karaoke to sing at the top of your voice and the mini Olympics at the Hotel Magic

Participate in incredible sports tournaments and fun nights spent dancing, if your children feel a bit like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, at the Hotel Dory & Suite

Give vent to your theatrical skills with performances and shows at the Hotel Sarti

Have fun with the most original mascot in Riccione, that of the Hotel Diamond

Laugh until you cry with Spongebob evenings and pyjama parties at the Hotel Bel Air

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with the fabulous creative workers at the Hotel Poker

Experience the magic of the boat excursions organised by the Hotel Corallo

Enjoy the fantastic entertainment with activities designed to perfection for children aged 3/6 years and 7/12 years at the Hotel Arizona

Take part in the super fun mini Olympics at the Hotel Novecento

Enjoy excursions to parks with the childcare staff at the Hotel 2000 and the Hotel Kursaal

Have the most original poolside snack possible at the Hotel Gran Bretagna

Take part in the super themed party at the Hotel Maddalena

Experience a unique treasure hunt, right on the seashore, and in the evening, the Pyjama Party & Pop Corn of the Hotel Adlon

Make original and amazing balloon sculptures and participate in the most entertaining cooking classes ever, organised by the Hotel Fedora

Take part in the hilarious mini show, and skate along together with the childcare staff of the Hotel Milano Helvetia

Socialise with other new friends at the Hotel Antibes

Star in the sensational and unique Mini Fashion Dance Hotel along the entire Riviera and the Monopoli Gigante of the Hotel Lido Europa.

Take part in the fabulous Art Attack, English Games and kite-making at the Hotel Atlas