Avoid any unpleasant surprises during your family holiday and breathe a sigh of relief: you’ll find certified services in all of our hotels, so you can set out on your trip with peace of mind and lighter luggage.

We know how important it is for parents to know that someone who understands them completely and is aware of their family’s needs, will be there upon their arrival. That’s why it’s important to choose a family hotel with a lot of experience and the right services.


The services you’ll find in all of our hotels

Welcome gift upon arrival at the hotel.
Do you like surprises? We really enjoy surprising our guests, because we love seeing the amazement in children’s eyes and looking at your smiling faces; it creates a lovely, welcoming atmosphere. We are happy to have you as our guests and this little gift is our way of saying THANK YOU.
Bikes equipped with child seats and helmets are provided.
Providing bikes with child seats and helmets lets you explore Riccione with your children, without having to bring everything from home. After all, who wants to have to bring everything but the kitchen sink on a week-long holiday?
How often have you had to decide whether to bring or forgo your stroller on your holiday? With us you don’t have to give up anything. As with the bikes, we provide you with strollers, so you can move around the city, go on evening strolls along the seafront promenade, and move about as you wish in total comfort.
Paediatric first aid kit.
When you’re away with your children for a few days, the unexpected can happen, such as a bit of a temperature or a fall. Knowing that you have a kit that meets your first aid needs is reassuring.
Paediatric care upon request. (*)
Peace of mind when travelling with children is paramount. Being able to count on a reliable paediatrician allows you to enjoy your holiday, knowing that should the need arise, you won’t have to get in your car to look for the nearest emergency room.
Laundry service upon request. (*)
Having a laundry available lightens your suitcase, because you can bring just a few garments with you and conveniently wash them at the hotel. And children excel at getting dirty every 10 minutes, don’t they?
Babysitting service upon request, including evenings. (*)
How many times have you wanted to spend a few hours alone with your partner, whether for a romantic dinner, a stroll, or to talk in peace without constantly hearing “Mum” being called out? That’s why we offer a professional, evening babysitting service upon request.

(*) with surcharge

Dining for children: this is how it works in the restaurants at our hotels

The subject of meals is very important to us. We know perfectly well that your children need a healthy and balanced diet.

And we are perfectly aware that you expect lunch or dinner to be a pleasant, simple and relaxing experience.

Flexible mealtimes.
Children have different needs than adults and the purpose of holidays is to feel good, which is why we offer flexible mealtimes, so your children can eat first and then you can sit at the table in peace.
Customised menu.
Your children need a diet that meets precise nutritional needs, extending to the taste and playful presentation of the meal. That’s why we created a menu just for them: every day we prepare dishes based on healthy, fresh and carefully selected ingredients especially for your children’s tummies.
Daily snack.
Given that even the most renowned nutritionists consider snacks as important meals for children, we pay close attention to this moment, preparing healthy and seasonal snacks in line with your children’s nutritional needs.
The kitchen will accommodate parents’ requests for special dishes.
We are here to reassure you and tell you that we fully understand your needs, and that it’s a pleasure to be able to simplify and lighten one of the most tricky and important moments between you and your child. That’s why we accommodate your requests for particular dishes, and put a dedicated space at your disposal for the preparation of baby food, such as soup and vegetable puree.
Available for use: cutlery, plates, cups, bibs, placemats, highchairs, bottle warmers.
We’ve found that if mealtimes are also fun, children stay at the table more readily, which is why we make everything child-friendly, including the cutlery and plates; even the placemats can be coloured-in.

Children’s entertainment at our hotels: we take fun seriously

Knowing you can count on a dedicated play space in the hotel and on the beach, and on a group of experienced people who ensure your children have fun, really makes a difference on holiday. And since, of course, children aren’t all the same – at 5 years of age they don’t have the same interests as 10 year-olds – we didn’t limit ourselves to creating an undifferentiated play area, but in the case of a garden or safe, secure areas, we diversified the activities, spaces and the dedicated staff, based on the ages of your children, inside and outside the hotel. The activities programme for children is always on display in both the reception area and the mini-club, so you are always well-informed!

Entertainment for children between the ages of 3 and 10 inclusively, in the hotel and on the beach
(from the beginning to the end of school holidays, and during the festivities). We guarantee you an ample entertainment programme at various times of the day. Knowing you can count on a group of experienced people to ensure your children have fun at different times of the day is of incredible value, because you can finally afford to spend some you-time without worrying about your children complaining that they are bored. That’s not all: every day we even organise an extensive entertainment programme on the beach. When was the last time you sunbathed for at least an hour without interruption? When was the last time you granted yourself an entire morning of sun and sea? With us wishes come true.
Theme parties held in the hotel or on the beach.
We like to create enduring friendships and connections. That’s why we create social activities for you and your children, such as evening beach parties, dinners featuring local cuisine in the hotel, live music and many other offerings that will appeal to all our guests.
Indoor games area suitable for children from 3 to 10 years of age (e.g. board games, ball games, building, dolls, toy animals, toy cars) and library.
You can count on a mini-club and junior club within the hotel, where your children can have fun with the entertainment staff. We’ve diversified the activities based on your children’s ages, because not all children are the same and each age corresponds with a type of game and sense of curiosity to explore new things. There’s also a dedicated children’s reading area; a quite corner where tablets and mobile phones are not allowed, leaving space for fantasy and the imagination.

Beach services: experience the sea 100%!

Like the hotel, the beach has now become a peaceful and uncomplicated place to spend time, where every member of the family has their own favourite space and the right amount of recreation.

Equipped beach with playground suitable for children from 3 to 10 years of age (e.g. slide, swings, plastic structures).
Riccione beach is considered one of the most well-equipped and safe beaches in Italy. The affiliated seaside resorts are spacious with fenced, secure play areas – conveniently visible from your umbrella – and entertainment for your children. So in the morning you can sunbathe, chat under your umbrella with some new friends, or take a dip in the sea without having to devote all your time to your children. Some worry-free time for yourself to relax. Practically a dream come true.
A dedicated change room with nappy change table.
On the beach you’ll always find a change room with a nappy change table for your children, including a showerhead with hot water, so you can change nappies or wash your little one in privacy and serenity. Convenient, isn’t it?

Room amenities at our Family Hotels

What would you like to find in your hotel room, without having to worry about bringing it from home? In our hotel rooms you will find everything you need to help your children sleep well, to wash, dress and change them in such a way that everyone is relaxed and peaceful.

Bed guards and cradles; nightlights and outlet covers; nappy bin with lid.
You’ll always find various amenities in your room, such as a cradle and nightlight, bin with lid for your little one’s nappies; in short, important details that make your holiday effortless, and which make you feel that we are here, focused on you. That way you can be at peace from the outset, and your child will pick up on that sense of peace, too.
Additional services, upon request.
Based on your child’s age and your needs, you have at your complete disposal additional complimentary services for your child’s wellbeing and your convenience. Just ask at reception or the housekeeper. If you wish, you can also wash items of clothing in your room, because you have at your disposal a convenient clothes rack for drying, in the bathroom or on the balcony. The following services are available upon request:
- Baby bath tub
- Nappy change table
- Bottle warmer
- Toddler toilet seat
- Night potty
- Clothes drying rack for bathroom and/or balcony
- Highchair